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Noise Reduction – Waves Clarity Vx & IZotope RX | ProdByBuddha

Noise reduction audio plugins are software tools that enhance the quality of audio recordings by removing unwanted noise and artifacts. There are many audio plugins available on the market, but some of the best plugins for noise reduction are made by Waves and iZotope. These plugins can help improve the quality of audio recordings by cleaning up any unwanted noise and making them sound clearer.

Waves Clarity Vx

One such plugin is Waves Clarity Vx. It is a noise reduction plugin that removes unwanted noise from audio recordings. The plugin has a simple interface that makes it extremely easy to use, and it works well with all types of audio recordings, including vocals, instruments, and ambient sounds.

IZotope RX

Another excellent plugin for noise reduction is iZotope RX. It is an advanced audio restoration tool that can remove a wide range of audio artifacts, including clicks, pops, hum, and hiss. RX also features spectral repair, which allows users to visualize and repair audio issues in the frequency spectrum. iZotope RX is a comprehensive audio restoration solution that is used by audio professionals worldwide.

Noise Reduction Audio Plugin Benefits

One of the benefits of using audio plugins like Waves Clarity Vx and iZotope RX is that they save time and improve the quality of audio recordings. These plugins can help users remove unwanted noise and artifacts quickly, without having to spend hours manually editing audio files. This is particularly important for those in the music and audio production industry who need to deliver high-quality audio recordings to their clients.

Comparing Vx & RX Noise Reduction Plugins

When it comes to choosing between Waves Clarity Vx and iZotope RX, it is important to consider the specific needs of the user. Waves Clarity Vx is a straightforward and easy-to-use plugin that is ideal for those who want a simple solution for noise reduction. On the other hand, iZotope RX is a more advanced tool that is suitable for professionals who need a comprehensive audio restoration solution. Although IZotope RX is significantly more expensive in its standalone form than Waves Clarity Vx, IZotope offers a Music Production Suite Pro subscription which includes the RX audio plugin suite at a convenient monthly or yearly cost.


In summary, audio plugins like Waves Clarity Vx and iZotope RX are essential tools for anyone who wants to improve the quality of their audio recordings. These plugins can help remove unwanted noise and artifacts quickly and efficiently, saving time and improving the overall sound quality of the recordings. Whether you are a professional audio producer or a casual user, these plugins are an excellent investment for anyone who wants to achieve high-quality audio recordings.

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