This equipment list is recommended* for recording artists who are looking to begin producing their own music, in an effort to minimize their own need for needing to reach out to outside sources to obtain their production and recording solutions. The items I’ve chosen to display below are my personal picks when it comes to acquiring studio essentials on a budget.



My go-to digital audio workstation (DAW) is Image-Line Fruity Loops Studio, aka FL Studio, and I currently use the FL 20 Signature Edition primarily. However, I decided to include the Producer Edition below, which itself is a tier below the Signature Edition, because the Producer Edition allows you to dive into the DAW and get your hands on its conventional uses, without the limitations that the even lower-tiered Fruity Edition imposes on the user. If you choose to upgrade to the Signature Edition, which is the second-most high tier in the product series, it’s an easy upgrade via your Image-Line account online. The best part is, the payment you make toward one edition, actually DISCOUNTS the more premium editions. For example, the price of the Signature Edition becomes $110 if you purchase the Producer Edition first, whereas it would cost $299 if you didn’t have any edition to begin with before purchasing.

I find FL Studio to have the best overall workflow within this DAW, but honestly, what DAW you choose to work with is up to your own preferences. One DAW may have an additional feature over another, things of that nature, but to the layman, they’re all gonna be able to record in the format you need to produce quality audio, and they’re all going to be able to help you produce music.

When it comes to industry-standard recording/mixing software though, Avid Pro Tools is the way to go. Luckily, the audio interface listed above happens to come with a copy of Pro Tools | First Edition, which gives you a fresh opportunity to get familiar with that DAW in its basic form, alongside an additional DAW, for the latter’s superior music production capabilities over Pro Tools, in my informed opinion at least.

For variety’s sake, I’ve also included a few DAWs that readily compete with FL Studio in their functionalities.

Digital Audio Workstations

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