Recording Studio Policies


  1. Good Vibes Only. Ill will, weapons, and physical/verbal violence will NOT be tolerated on the premises under ANY circumstances. Keep the beef away from the property.
  2. Respect The Grounds. Treat this environment like it’s your grandma’s home, that is with UTMOST respect. Realize the utilization of this space is a PRIVILEGE, not a right. Any actions committed by you, the session holder, positive or negative, fall back on ItsBuddha Productions. The company will be held responsible for your negligence, which could mean termination of operations should you commit an infraction on the property. These infractions include, but are not limited to littering, loitering, vandalism, theft, and activities of similar nature.
  3. Payment Is Due Upfront. Payment for your requested services is required upfront before ANY work begins on your project. All major cards, PayPal and cash are accepted forms of payment. We prefer payment to be completed while booking, preferably online, but cash payments are accepted.
  4. DM Booking Not Guaranteed. Any conversation involving session booking through DM is purely hypothetical, and does not constitute a guaranteed session unless payment is secured in advance. No booking requests are honored as scheduled unless they are proposed and/or scheduled here. Otherwise, contact us at 269-248-2636 to schedule sessions that extend past 1 hour.
  5. No-Show? No Refund. By no means are no-shows or late starts refundable. Your attendance and punctuality is YOUR responsibility, not ours. A secured no-show can be rescheduled, however.
  6. Two Complimentary Revisions. In the event you are not satisfied with your mix, you have two free revisions available upon request to that mix. You must purchase another mix if you desire any further revisions on your mix. Be as exact as you can be when making your revision request.
  7. Be Prepared. To avoid needless delays, please be sure to arrive on time. 15 minutes before your session officially begins is preferred. Rates are set by the hour, meaning your session clock is ticking the moment your session begins, and it is ongoing; it does not stop between takes, nor during self-prescribed breaks. Keep this in mind as your session proceeds. It is best to have your material prepared before your session begins, you should preferably have your lyrics written out already. If you insist on freestyling, you are to do so at your own risk toward your scheduled time.
  8. Trust Your Gut. It is not wise to approach a recording session as a perfectionist. Just get your takes done with proper pronunciation and as close to the cadence and pitch you’re looking for. The engineer will make sure you sound flawless, that’s their job that they will fulfill if you give them something manageable to work with. There’s no shame in this game; everybody receives edits and corrections, even Beyoncé and Drake.
  9. Trust The Engineer. The interim (in-session) mixing you hear going on during your session is NOT the final mix. The final mix is done when you are off the premises, and finished at a later time to eliminate the chance of receiving a final mix done with ear-fatigue in the equation. It’s okay to provide insight as to how you want your mix to come out in the end product, but don’t be a ‘backseat mixer’, let the engineer do the job you’re trusting them to do.
  10. No Smoking In Control Room. Audio equipment can be sensitive to smoke. We do not want you to be held responsible for damaged equipment due to smoke. Smoking is permitted outside the control room in permissible areas on the premises.
  11. No Gambling Or Solicitations. Such business is to be held off the premises.
  12. Be Realistic. Try not to be indecisive. Constantly changing your mind and not having direction will cause your productivity to be practically zero. Before recording, you should be able to conceptualize an ideal of what your project is going to sound like, to ensure you use your time efficiently.
  13. Speak Up. Let the engineer know whether you are comfortable or not in the recording environment. They will do what they can to make sure you are able to record with the least amount of distractions. Communication is key.
  14. You Break It? You Buy It. You will be held responsible for the value of the broken item(s). You will be denied services from us until you replace the value of the item(s).
  15. No Entourage. Only people who are necessary to your recording environment (producers, managers, videographers, etc.) are permitted within your recording session. This eliminates the possibility of takes being messed up due to unwanted or excessive noise.

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